Do you deliver?

Delivery is included on all wedding cakes and large centerpiece cakes that require set up upon location. Delivery may be available after hours if scheduled when order is placed. Items are available for pick up during our hours of operation Monday through Saturday.

Do you work with fondant?

No. Flour Child uses modeling chocolate and/or gum paste for some detail work. The number one concern with all our desserts is taste. Fondant does not taste nearly as good as these alternatives.

Why do you cost more than Walmart®?

Once again, it's a matter of taste. Our items are all made to order, with premium ingredients. So, unlike large chain stores, which have the luxury of shipping mass-produced, frozen cakes to multiple locations, we are able to use better ingredients, without preservatives, for a better tasting product.

Can I have the recipe for your buttercream?

Nope, sorry! My buttercream is a semi-sweet, rich, creamy gourmet treat that comes from my grandmother's recipe book. Each batch takes 6 hours from start to finish. There is no shortening or powdered sugar in my buttercream, just real butter and granulated sugar. It's oh-so good!

Do you have sugar-free items?

Baking is all about chemistry (and sugar). Sugar becomes a liquid when baked, and is needed for the development of all of our baked goods. We offer a few low-sugar options, but nothing sugar free.

Do you offer gluten free options?

We have seperate equipment devoted to our gluten free items, but we are not a gluten free facility. We have three gluten free cake varieties: vanilla (yellow), chocolate and apple cinnamon. We offer lots of gluten free desserts, including the very popular gluten free streusel cheesecake bars. They are seasonally finished with strawberry rhubarb, triple berry and apple cinnamon. Another favorite are our Keto-friendly buckeye and grasshopper brownies.

Where are you going to take the food truck?

Once complete, we will attend car shows (maybe Back to the 50s in St Paul), music festivals, town celebrations - anywhere there are crowds of people who appreciate gourmet desserts!

Do you sell doughnuts?

No. We are a specialty cake shop. Our tiny kitchen doesn't allow the space for a deep fat fryer. We offer gourmet desserts, custom art cakes, cookies, chocolates, and cupcakes.